Step by Step Strategy

Neobux Step by Step Strategy

1. Neobux Background

Before we discuss the Neobux strategy, let us briefly describe what Neobux really is. Neobux is an innovative PTC (Paid to Click) site, and this is not the PTC site you used to know. Neobux for sure is the innovation in PTC that you can actually make some money. You get paid by clicking on advertisers' Ads, typically $0.01 per Click. It doesn't sound like a lot, but if you employ a good strategy, particularly with the magic of "Rent Referral", you will be in an auto-pilot state collecting money 24/7. You can easily make up to $9,000 per year extra money with Neobux.

And because rent-a-ref is such a unique and important feature, most of Neobux strategies are essentially related to how you deal with referrals renting.

2. Neobux Strategy for Standard Member

If you are good at convincing people to join Neobux under your name, you can enjoy some nice earning in Neobux as a standard member. Otherwise, it is very hard for standard members to make real meaningful money. "How about renting referrals?" You may ask. Sorry to tell you, it is not profitable to rent referrals as a standard member. You have to keep your AVG (average clicks per day per ref) above 2.0 to make a profit. Otherwise, you could probably even lose money. Why? The reason is simple, you only get 50% earning from your referrals.

For the purpose of discussion, let us assume you paid $30 for 100 referrals, so each referral costs you $3 per month. The referral has to click 60 ads (2 clicks per day) just for you to break even.

Your Earning = 2*30*$0.01*50% = $3
Your profit = $3- $3 = $0

Is it possible to rent hard-working referrals to keep AVG above 2, 3, or 4? Yes, it is possible, only if you are very lucky and rent only a few referrals. If you try to rent more than 50 referrals, then statistics rules, that is, an AVG of 1.5 to 2.0. Please read my other post titled  "MyAVG drop - can I still earn money in Neobux?"

My recommendation is, don't even try to rent a large number of referrals if you are a standard member. However, this is the tricky part, you probably need to rent a certain number of referrals (200 -300) before you upgrate to Gold membership soon because it is easier to rent as a standard member than a gold member.

3. Neobux Strategy for Gold Member

Gold member, on the other hand, requires lower averge number of clicks (AVG) from referrals to break even. So if the AVG is above 1.0, you are basically in profit already. Lot of people may have written about Neobux on internet. Some showed their payment proof, some showed the basics of Neobux , and very few explained the details how they made money with Neobux, particulaily using the referral renting feature. What I am going to show you is the step by step implementation of a good and scientific sound NeobuxStrategy. The banner above shows my current earning, it is not a whole lot now, but it matches closely to the earning schedule below, and I encourage you check back frequently to see how it goes.

The table and figure above are the simulation of earning week by week fo r the first 20 weeks. It seems a little complicated, but it is actually quite simple when you follow the explanation step by step below.

4. Referral Renting Step by Step Implementation

Week 1 - Rent 100 referrals, you will need to have a Paypal account to pay. Neobux charges $25/month$6.25/week) for 100 rented referrals. Although you can start FREE to accumulate your earning to rent referrals, putting a small amount of money will accelerate the process a lot, and your earning will be much more than your investment pretty soon. Statistically, the number of clicks for a referral is 1.5 per day, so
Week 1 Earning =100*1.5*7*$0.01 (ref clicks) + 4*7*0.01 (self clicks)=$10.8
Cost = $25 (rent 100 referrals)

Week 2 - Rent another 100 Referrals, so
Week 2 Earning = 200*1.5*7*$0.01 (ref clicks) + 4*7*0.01 (self clicks) = $21.3
Cost = $25 (rent 100 referrals) + $11.3 (referral renewal) + 1.6 (recycling) = $37.9

(1). You can only register as Standard Membership for the first couple of weeks, and the earning is $0.005/click for referrals (We simplied the calculatin here using $0.01 for the first two weeks).
(2). Neobux has a "Autopay" feature for rent referral renewal with 10% discount and assume 25% of the referrals will be renewed. i.e., so weekly renewal  
cost =200*25%$25/100)*0.9=$11.3
(3) Assume 10% recycling rate, i.e., 10% of referrals will be recycled each week, the recyling cost = 200*10%*0.08= $1.6

Week 3 - Rent another 100 Referrals, and upgrade to Golden Membership for $90 per year. This is highly recommended because you will earn $0.01 per click for your referrals to double your earning. So,
Week 3 Earning = 300*1.5*7*$0.01 (ref clicks) + 10*7*0.01 (self clicks) = $32.2
Cost = $25 (rent new 100 referrals) + $16.9 (rent renewal) +$2.4 (recycling) +$90 (membership)=$134.3

In the following weeks, you repeat the same thing adding 100 referrals every week. You can reinvest the earning to rent referrals. Of course, you need to spend 10-20 minutes a day to click a few Ads, otherwise the earnings from referrals will not be credited to your account. A piece of cake. You can refer to the table and figure above for the ea rning and cost for each weeks. Please also note that you will need around $150 initial investment to get started to accelerate the earning.

Week 20 - By now, you should have reached the 2000 referrals limit by reinvesting what you have earned to rent more referrals every week.

Week 20 Earning = 2000*1.5*7*0.01 (Refs clicks) + 10*7*0.01 (Self Clicks) =$210.7
Cost = $25 (rent new 100 referrals) + $112.5 (rent renewal) +$16 (recycling)=$153.5
Profit = $210.7 - $153.5 = $57.2

From this point on, the earning and cost will be stablized, because you have reached the 2000 rented referrals limit. Since you can't buy new referrals any more, your cost will be only for referral renewal and recyclcing, which is $112.5 (rent renewal) +$16 (recycling)= $128.5. Your earning will still be $210.7 per week (same as week 20). Therefore, your weekly profit becomes $210.7 - $128.5 = $82.2 per week, or $356 per month! That doesn't sound too bad, right?

Also must read Neobux Strategy - How to Rent Referrals for gold members. Recycling is also a big part for account management, please read the post titled  "Neobux Strategy - Referral Recycling"

5. Neobux Strategy for Ultimate Member

It gets harder and harder these days to rent referrals because more and more people are fighting for referrals. You will also need to use the Neobux Strategy - How to Rent Referrals if you want to maintain as a gold member. The referrals can be easily rented out even one minute after the clock because so many people out there are trying to rent the referrals. You snooze, you lose.

As an alternative, I paid another $890 to upgrade to Ultimate Pack because I have a full- time job and I want to spend less time on this. However, the money spent should pay off fairly quickly. It guaranttees that the rented referrals are delivered to you on time and on a accelerated rate, which is 200 rent referrals every 4 days, or approximately 300 referrals per week! Once you reach the maximum 4,000 rented referrals for Ultimate Pack, you can earn as much as $177 per week profit, or $9,200 a year! See Table 2 and Figure 2 below. I will explain the cost and earning for week 20 as an example.

Week 20 Earning = 4,000*1.5*7*$0.01 (ref clicks) + 15*7*0.02 (self clicks) = $422.1
Week 20 Cost = 4,000*25%*$0.25*90% (referral renewal) + 4,000*10%*$0.05 = $245
Profit = $ 422.1 - $ 245 = $177.1 per week, or $767 per month

Again, the assumptions are:

a. 1.5 average clicks per referral per day (AVG)
b. 25% referrals are renewed every week, or all 4,000 are renewed every month.
c. 10% referrals are recycled every week, or 40% of all referrals are recycled every month.
d. Autopay is turned on to get 10% discount on referral renewal.

If you want to want to try different assumptions, plug your numbers into the number equations above to get an idea. It is impossible for me to present all the scenarios in this article here.

In summary, the Neobux strategy for Ultimate Mem bers is not a whole lot different than that for gold members. It wins because it has larger number of referrals which are basically your working force. No selling here, I have to mention that Neobux provides a lot of nice features for ultimate memebers to reduce the cost for account maitainence, such as 7 days for free recycling, discounted rate for recycling, discounted rate for referral renting, 30 days of vacation mode etc. You got what you paid for, right?

What are you waiting for? My referrals are busy clicking and earning money for me while I am working, jogging, or sleeping. If you don't feel comfortable putting money in first, then work your way up from the free standard membership until you earn enough to upgrade. Realizing there are other factors leading to your success with Neobux , I hope that the Neobux strategy discussed here can at least give you some reference to set up a reasonable expectation.  Start Making Money with Neobux

The Benefits of Spending Time In Forums

The forums I am specifying are webmaster forums. Forums is a place where you can learn a lot of things. I like forums because you would get immediate answer from people that are online in the forum and know the answer to your question. The benefits of spending time in forums are

1. Getting Knowledge - Every newbie should spend their time on forums because there would be a lot of people over there to help them out. Forums are better than blogs because it enables people to exchange ideas better than blogs. Blogs are personal, so the blog owner might not publish any contradicting ideas on his blog.

2. Blog Post Ideas - If you have a blog in the blogging niche and you run out of ideas, I would encourage you to visit forums to ideas from forums. Write blog posts that answer newbies questions.

3. Drive Traffic to Your Blog - After answering newbies questions in your blog post, you can post the URL of blog post on any thread telling newbies to visit this link if they want to learn more about that issue.

4. Make Money - You can make money by advertising your affiliate links or sell your ebook. If you are a programmer, you can build websites template to sell or assist others with their project for a fee. You can also be a freelancer by doing forum posting or blogs commenting.

5. Know Other Bloggers and Blogs - You can also make friends with other bloggers that you can share ideas with or they can help you in your link building campaign. You can also visit other blogs where you can learn more about blogging or what is going on in the blogosphere.

6. Exchange Links - Forums enable you to exchange links with other webmaster. Remember, to get to the top of the first page on Google, you need backlinks. Exchanging links would enable you to be on the top.

Neobux Successful Story

Let us hear what the  Neobux Admin, or should I call founder, has to say about Neobux. The following article was originally posted on Neobux Forum by admin himself. Here it goes...

And So it Began - by Neobux Admin

Today, March 25th, is the day when NeoBux was introduced to the world. It was an year ago that I've started a project meant to be truthful, honest and transparent. Little did the previous generation PTC industry knew, we would be the turning stone. Little did they knew that their ponzi structure would be shaken in such a way that all excuses they could make would be put to the ground.

NeoBux wasn't designed to become a competitor to anyone and it never was. No one ever attempted to be what we are today. Who could ever have though of "Instant Payments" when all they knew was that they needed money flowing in to pay old user. Believe it or not, I've used a PTC for a month before developing NeoBux. That PTC with all their
lame promises of payments got me upset. So upset I became that I asked myself "Why don't they pay? Why all others are the same?". It was clear to me that something had to be done in order to prove that all the lies they had, all the promises they made, were nothing more than a fantasy and that reality could be fair towards all.

I can only say at this point that, although they brought this on themselves, they also gave courage to someone. So, there's always a good thing in every bad thing.In the beginning of March 2008, I began developing NeoBux in my spare time. I had never seen how a PTC was built from the inside but, due to my experience on highly technical applications, this shouldn't be any issue... and it wasn't. Three weeks later, everything was set and
ready to go and the pre-registration phase had began. On April 19th, the famous "Instant Payment" was introduced and fully functional. On this day, the final nail was hammered to the coffin of the old ponzi PTC model. While some were "claiming" that AlertPay was having problems with payments, we were doing it in around 5 seconds. Oh my!

On May 1st, NeoBux had finally dropped the pre-registration phase and moved to the live phase with everything fully working except for the most important gain for members: referrals. About referrals, I needed to have something that wasn't expensive for the users and that wouldn't hurt us as well.

Two things that wouldn't work would the the famous $450 for 500 referrals nor the bots. About the first, it was clear to me as a user that the price was outrageous for something that users could not control. About the second, I knew that it was mathematically impossible for us to sustain ourselves with fake users. Also, it wouldn't be fair for the users themselves. So, the famous "Rent-a-Ref" was introduced. A vary fair and simple system in which users wouldn't have to spend much to earn. In May 2008, the pre-order for the referrals was launched. We had so little users back then that things had to be done this way. In short, it was (and still is) a huge success. In short, we gave users

transparency (detailed charts, openness in communication, etc), truthfulness (we pay) and most of all trust. Although this is what we all expect in life, for the PTC world, it had to be labeled as "Innovation" because nothing of this existed.

We've grown from a small PTC with only around 20k to 30k users before May 1st to more than 3 million right now. We've paid an amazing amount of more than $6,500,000 to our users and we'll still standing strong. We're still unique. You've all seen and see "NeoBux wannabes". We have sisters, brothers, cousin, nephew, etc sites... or so they claim. It's the oldest trick in the book... to sell something really rotten in a good package. But, they're not NeoBux nor they never will become who we are. The secret for NeoBux is not just a secure application, a pretty Admin (that's me) or even instant payments. The secret is at plain sight. Those who copy know it but their intentions won't let them copy our real essence: Professionalism and honesty.

But, is NeoBux really what it is just because it is? No. NeoBux owes everything to its members who, quite simply, make an astonishing community of intelligent and dedicated persons. I really should change the slogan to "NeoBux - The PTC with the most intelligent users" one day. You've came to understand that although some offer exceptional earnings, you can't find them anymore after 2 or 3 months. We give you the same they do.

Our only "handicap" is that we only offer what we have: real users. One year has passed and still I read many things that claim that PTCs with bots are the way to go. I don't doubt it. Users earn a whole lot more but, what about the PTC itself? Where would you go knock when your investment is gone? That's why we're still here. We offer what we got and, truth be told, over 75% of the users that leave always return. We're not a PTC anymore... at least not in the usual way. We've grown far beyond that and we'll continue to grow. Our second year of existence will be a whole lot better than the first one but, all
will be a surprise until the time comes. For now, keep enjoying the experience as much as I do. I would just like to thank you all for being who you are and for having had the courage to get out of the darkness and live a life where what you see is what you get,
right here at  NeoBux.

To Join NEOBUX just click here :  

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